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1. Bandit Door Decals PAIR Smokey & the Bandit!
2. 1973 - 1978 Trans Am Full Decal Kit Variety of Colors!
3. SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel (pint) & SLIDE OVER UV Pump Sprayer 8oz.
4. Roll Pin Striping 150 Foot Roll Produced By Phoenix Graphix VARIOUS COLORS!
5. SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel (pint) Decal Install Gel

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» FbodyWarehouse » 1970 - 1973 Trans Am » Decals & Graphics » Replacement Bird Kits » SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel (pint) Decal Install Gel

  SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel (pint) Decal Install Gel
SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel (pint) Decal Install Gel 

Fbodywarehouse offers you state-of-the-art products to provide you the insurance of a safe application and a dependable long lasting graphic.

There is no wiser investment than taking advantage of the benefits offered by \

SLIDE ONŽ Application Gel:

    Nothing guarantees a perfect application of a stripe or graphic but SLIDE ONŽ will provide you all the advantages of a perfect application: Time.

    As long as you have SLIDE ONŽ to apply your graphic you have time on your side!

    Take your time. The special contents of SLIDE ONŽ resist drying until YOU are ready to squeegee the protective application gel out from beneath the vinyl surface. Only then does the graphic "set up."

"The more SLIDE-ONŽ you use the more time you have."


Quantity in stock 990 item(s) available
Inventory Placement NA
Price: $28.00


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