2016 "State of the Warehouse" Summary

Jan 1, 2017


2016 State of the “Warehouse”

This year, we at Fbodywarehouse want to update you, our clients and suppliers, with a snapshot of how our company fared in 2016. Although such disclosure is not a common practice within the industry and among privately owned companies, we firmly believe that you have an interest in how the company that serves you manages its business.

2016 was our 15th year of serving you, the F-body vehicle owner, and it has been a great year. Heather and Peter were able to attend SEMA this year. It was an amazing experience that we highly recommend to any person within the industry.

We have accomplished and been challenged by much across the full spectrum of our operations, and it has been a terrific adventure.


2016 Accomplishments

YouTube Videos

In 2016, Fbodywarehouse continued to release free how-to videos showing our clients how to install the products we offer. We also expanded videos into the 3rd generation F-body models, providing an entirely new group of F-body owners with informational videos for model years 1982-1992. We also removed all YouTube ads from our videos, so our channel viewers will no longer have to deal with commercials. As of the end of 2016, we have had nearly 1.8 million views of our 175 installation videos.


Restoration Services

In 2016, we continued to show growth in our parts restoration services area. This includes re-dye of parts for clients, seat recovering, panel specific trimming, and taillight restoration. We continue to be the only medium to large company within the industry that performs these tasks for its clients.


Web Site Launch

For nearly 10 years, we have used the same web software to present our company and its products to the world. Times have changed, and evidence of that was Google’s recent change of its site-ranking policies with respect to website formatting and presentation on mobile devices. So we took a deep breath and began the arduous process of creating and launching a new website. This was a major challenge for us during the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016, and while we are close to the goal line, we are still not done with the final touches. We continue to improve our new website on a daily basis because we want you to have the best possible shopping experience. Presently, the new website meets or exceeds PCI-compliance standards with respect to the handling of client information, and it is now mobile-friendly so that you can use it on your portable computing devices. Our old website is still fully operational and will remain so until the new web site’s planned refinements have been completed.


Supply Chain & Parts Producers

Throughout the year we carefully examined the quality of parts from various suppliers. We asked ourselves, “If company ‘A’ makes the same part as company ‘B,’ which product has the better quality?” During this study we sometimes found drastic differences in quality, resulting in our having removed a previously offered item and having replaced it with a higher quality item from another supplier. One company, Georgia-based Classic Headquarters, stood out to us as offering a superior product line over that of other suppliers, so we have given their products a preferential place in our catalog. We are also pleased to announce we have reached top-tier pricing agreements with other companies within the industry, allowing us to give you, our clients, the welcome surprise of lower prices.


Industry Trends

2016 continued to bring consolidation within the parts industry. The ownership of many brand names in the market have changed hands and are being presented by much larger companies. This trend, which began in 2015 and which has extended into 2016, is both a blessing and a curse for the industry in a variety of ways. On one hand, it has led to a concentration of control of the industry into fewer hands. On the other, it has enabled us to deal in products to which we previously did not have any access. In 2017, you will see many of these product lines added to our parts catalog.

Another notable industry trend is that the value of F-body cars exploded in 2016. Sales price records for completed/restored cars were shattered at many auctions, and the value of vehicles in the F-body line continued to grow at an ever expanding rate. We feel this trend will allow the parts sector to grow in size and volume.


2016 Challenges

As most of our clients know, we are a “mom and pop” operation. In late 2014, we moved the company to New York to be closer to family. This past year Peter lost both his mother and grandmother, two wonderful women who were inspirations to both Heather and him over the course of their lives. This was a dark time for us to work through, and we thank all of our clients who showed grace and patience last spring as we laid them to rest.

The web site launch also created a massive challenge for us. Moving more than 3,000 products to another platform is never an easy task, and we continue to work on this process as we begin 2017.


2016 Results

Year-over-year growth was in line with expectations, and we continue to experience reduction in shipping times to the client on products as well as growth of on-hand product inventory. At the conclusion of calendar 2016, Fbodywarehouse realized a year-on-year increase in gross revenues of 17%. Sales grew in three of the four quarters, and outstanding debt remained very low and unchanged year over year.


Looking forward to 2017

We will continue in 2017 to deliver the personal shopping experience to our clients that they have always received from us. When you call us, you will speak either to Peter or Heather. We believe that enabling our customers to discuss their needs directly with us, business owners having nearly 20 years of experience with both these cars and their reproduction parts found in today’s marketplace, will ensure that correct items are ordered and delivered. We don’t consign customer calls to a $10-an-hour worker as some other companies readily do.

We plan to grow Fbodywarehouse’s inventory, and the company will start branching out into some other classic muscle car models as well. These changes will become apparent as you explore the website and as we refine it to make it the most functional and easiest-to-use website available for muscle car owners.

In 2017, we will bring you more “How-To” content on YouTube. This will let you, our valued customer, save money while working on your car. Restoring these vehicles does not require a knowledge of rocket science. When we deliver easy-to-follow instructions in a highly accessible format, you can expect to save a lot of money as a shade-tree mechanic, who performs easily mastered and clearly explained tasks at home, instead of paying a shop to do them for you!


Our Community of Supporters

We would be remiss if we did not thank sincerely all of the following web-based car clubs and Facebook groups with which we work. They have kindly allowed us to announce new YouTube content, sales, and other F-body-related information. The owners of these groups have been and always will be a key factor for our continued growth and our relationship with you, the client. 


Club Websites

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  • Untied F-body
  • 78TA
  • AllGenTransAms


Facebook Groups

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The owners of these websites and groups are the fabric of the F-body community, and we thank all of you for your dedication and hard work on behalf of Camaro, Firebird, and Trans Am owners everywhere!

So to all our clients of 2016, we sincerely thank you. Without “you,” there is no “us.”


Pete, Heather, & The Fbodywarehouse team.