1979 10th Anniversary #461



This is our other 10th Anniversary Trans Am. we are in the process of building be sure to check back often for updates on the progress as we bring this car back to life.This car was bought November of 2017 and once completed will be available for sale!

HISTORY: This is a sold new in Milford CT, this is Norwood Ohio built car. The car is a 403 Automatic car and has 60k miles. Last titled in 1989 this car was hit in the rear above the rear impact bar and trunk line affecting the the rear tail light section and the driver qurater panel. The rear quarters and rear lower vallance panel are excellent as is the rockers, doors and rear quarters. We also have a 1979 TATA 4 speed tub which will provide the much needed replacement sheet metal on this car.

Update November 13 2017

This car is heading into the welder for the replacement quarter panel and tail panel.We are using GM panels from a 1980 Indy Pace (quarter panel) and the tail panel from another 10th. While it is gone we will be getting the nose cone ready and other items so once it returns we can prep for paint!

Headlight bar ready to be assembled.