Painting and Redying Your Interior Panels and Trim SEM Paints

After 40 years the interior trim in your car will fade and wear due to use and the UV sun rays. Also many times you simply can not buy the panels in the exact shade for your car's specific interior color. Not to worry, though we at Fbodywarehouse offer a complete line of SEM interior paints and dyes to bring your interior back to life. There are various SEM product lines and we have found the SEM Color Coat system to be the best in the industry in coverage, color depth, hue and shine rates.So enjoy the videos below as they will show you how to reset your classic car's interior colors at home. These videos are for vinyl, plastics and also the metal trim within the cabin of your car.


"How to Redye Your Interior" Vinyl Parts

"How To Redye Your Interior" Plastic Parts


Why Paint Interior Panels Molded In Color?



You can find a complete line of SEM interior paints and dyes here: