Seat Recovering Series Replace Your Seat Covers At Home

This video series will show you how to remove and replace your front and rear seat covers at home! The process is the same for both PUI and Legendary seat covers. Replacing your seat covers at home will save you hundred in expense and is an easy task to do!

Our videos will guide you from A to Z, start to finish. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Note these videos are over all the same proceedure for all GM cars 1970 - 1990 so even if your seats do not like just like the ones shown the process is over all the same.


FRONT seat cover removal and tear down:

 Video #1 Seperate the front upper seat from the lower seat bun

Video #2 Remove the lower front seat cover from the foam and frame

Video #3 Remove the upper front seat cover from foam & frame


FRONT  seat cover installation and restoration

Video #1 Install NEW replacement Fbodywarehouse seat bottom springs

Video #2 Install lower replacement front seat covers lower seat bun covers

Video #3 Remove, restore, replace your front seat tracks video

Video #4 Install upper replacement front seat covers

Video #5 Re-attach lower and upper front seats with new covers installed

Video #6 Install seat belt guide bases and triangles on front upper seats

Video #7 Install new seat back piping on your front seats



REAR seat cover removal and tear down

Video #1 Removal of the 3 pc rear seat from the car

Video #2 Remove the lower rear seat covers from the foam & frames

Video #3 Remove the upper rear seat cover from the foam & frame

Video #4 Install of new replacement upper rear seat cover on foam & frame